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Is BRANDER the Ultimate Brand Development Platform

Get Massive Recognition for Your Brand with Brander!

Building a name for your company is essential whether you’re a startup or an established corporation. It’s the process of giving a product or service a distinct identity and character that will appeal to its intended market. The branding efforts of a company should be constant, memorable, and fruitful.

BRANDER is a website that promises to simplify the process of creating a brand.

In this detailed review, we will examine the BRANDER platform in depth, discussing its capabilities and assessing whether or not it truly is the best platform for brand building.

First things first, let’s have a look at what precisely this platform is before we get into the nitty-gritty of its capabilities.

Brander: Overview

Brander website

Brand awareness is crucial in the modern corporate environment due to intense competition. Using the influence of press releases is one such method. By having company press releases published on reputable news websites like those of NBC, FOX, and CBS, businesses can quickly build brand reputations.

Think of the influence your brand would have if it were published in one of these respected publications. Just being more visible to potential customers may boost website traffic, lead generation, and revenue. Consumers are more inclined to support a company that has received positive press coverage in reputable publications.

BRANDER is a comprehensive brand development platform that helps businesses and entrepreneurs quickly and easily get their brand in front of large audiences.

Brander specializes in delivering press release services that can help businesses achieve this level of brand recognition. Our team of experienced writers and publishers works closely with businesses to craft compelling press releases that highlight their unique selling points and value propositions.

We then distribute these press releases to top news outlets, ensuring that they get maximum exposure and reach their target audience. Their press release services have been proven to be highly effective in generating brand recognition and increasing customer trust and loyalty.

The “As Seen On” widget for a company’s website is another major perk of using BRANDER. To further increase a company’s credibility and brand awareness, this function highlights the press release coverage on major news sites. This element is a form of social evidence, informing prospective clients of the reliability of the company.

The Value of Brander

Value of brander

BRANDER is the perfect choice for businesses that are looking to increase their visibility and reach their target audience quickly and effectively. With its powerful press release distribution capabilities, it can help you get the attention of the press and potential customers. In addition, it can help you get brand recognition and add “As Seen On” to your site, so you can gain instant credibility.

Businesses that are looking to build a strong brand presence may reap the benefits of utilizing the cutting-edge Brander brand development platform, which offers a plethora of perks.

Following are a few of Brander’s primary strengths:

Instant Credibility

With Brander, businesses can instantly gain credibility and trust among consumers by showcasing their brand name logos and links to published articles on their websites. This can lead to increased conversions, as 46% of surveyed consumers say they are willing to pay more for brands they trust.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brander’s services can boost a business’s SEO by increasing time on site, visits, and awareness of their website. This can lead to a higher site ranking on search engines and increased visibility among potential customers.

Organic Traffic

Brander can write and publish press releases on reputable news websites that receive millions of visitors. This can help businesses gain awareness, links, and traffic to their website, leading to increased conversions and sales.

Press Release Services

Brander offers a comprehensive suite of press release services, including targeted press release distribution, submission to Google News, and the “As Seen On” feature. These services help businesses gain instant credibility and brand recognition by showcasing their press release coverage on top news outlets.

Customized Branding Solutions

Brander’s team of experts works closely with businesses to create customized branding solutions that align with their business objectives and values. They offer a range of branding solutions, including brand strategy, logo design, website design, and social media management.


Brander offers both free and paid press release options, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. The paid option ensures maximum coverage on top news outlets, while the free option is a great way for businesses to test the waters and see the benefits of press release distribution.

Why Choose Brander?

Brander is the ultimate brand development platform that helps you get seen on over 100+ sites with millions of visitors. With Brander, you can easily create and submit press releases to Google News, post press releases, pay for targeted press releases, and more, all in one convenient place. Brander makes it easy to get the word out about your business, product, or announcement, and reach more potential customers than ever before.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses should choose Brander:

1.Extensive Press Release Distribution

Brander allows businesses to submit their press releases to over 100+ reputable news websites with millions of visitors. This ensures maximum exposure and helps businesses reach a wider audience, resulting in increased traffic, users, customers, and sales.

2.High-Quality Press Releases

Brander’s team of expert writers produces high-quality press releases that are optimized for SEO and designed to capture the attention of readers. This ensures that businesses can effectively communicate their message and get the most out of their press release distribution efforts.

3.Affordable Pricing

Brander offers a range of pricing options to fit any budget, from free to paid press release options. The paid option ensures maximum coverage on top news outlets, while the free option is a great way for businesses to test the waters and see the benefits of press release distribution.

4.Targeted Distribution

Brander allows businesses to target specific industries, geographic locations, and demographics with their press release distribution. This ensures that the right audience is reached, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

5.SEO Benefits

Brander’s press releases are optimized for SEO, helping businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website.

6.Reach More Customers with Brander

Brander is the perfect solution for businesses or individuals who want to get their message out quickly and easily. With Brander, you can create and submit press releases to Google News, post press releases, and even pay for targeted press releases. This ensures that your message will reach more people, and result in more customers. Additionally, Brander makes it easy to track the success of each press release and measure the results.

7.Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with BRANDER

BRANDER is the ultimate brand development platform that helps you create instant brand recognition by writing and submitting press releases to NBC, FOX, CBS, and other affiliate sites. With BRANDER, you can get targeted press releases, post press releases, and pay for press release submissions to Google News. Never miss a chance to get ahead of your competitors and get more traffic, conversions, and sales with BRANDER.

Who Benefits from Brander?

Brander’s services are useful for virtually every industry, from manufacturing to consumer packaged goods to online retail to artists to influencers to coaches to freelancers to training and information products to professional service providers.

To boost their online presence and credibility, businesses may use Brander’s large press release distribution, high-quality press releases, inexpensive pricing, targeted distribution, and search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

The following types of organizations might do well to hire Brander:

Tech Companies

Brander may assist technology firms in spreading the word about their latest product releases, investment rounds, and other noteworthy developments to a larger audience.

eCommerce Stores

Brander may assist online retailers to enhance website traffic and revenue by spreading the word about new product lines, seasonal promotions, and other noteworthy events.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Brander may assist consumer packaged goods firms to get the word out about new product releases, seasonal promotions, and other noteworthy events that are sure to increase brand awareness and ultimately, sales.

Artists, Influencers, Coaches, and Freelancers

Brander is a great tool for artists, influencers, coaches, and freelancers to establish their brands and get the word out about their work, events, and other important announcements.

Promotion of Online Courses, Webinars, and Other Educational Products

Brander can assist firms in the education and training sector to improve interest in and demand for their online courses, webinars, and other educational goods.

Professional Service Businesses

Law companies, accounting firms, and consulting firms, among others, may use Brander to spread the word about their latest achievements and services to expand their customer base and improve their company’s image among consumers.


Brander may assist firms to spread the word about new product releases, streamlined production, and other noteworthy developments to gain new consumers and strengthen existing relationships.

How Brander works?

How brander works

Brander is a platform that helps businesses establish their brand and gain recognition on a larger scale by creating top backlinks. It is a backlink maker that helps you create a unique piece of content that can be distributed to press release sites and social media outlets.

Once the press release is successfully published online, you can use it as an anchor text for your website’s backlinks. This will help improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase traffic from organic sources.

The process of using Brander involves three simple steps.

Step 1: Get Write up about your business/product/partnership

The first step is for the professional copywriters at Brander to draft a press release about your business, product, or partnership. The press release is carefully crafted to ensure that it is of high quality and accurately reflects your brand. Once the press release is written, it is shared with you for feedback and approval. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final product and that it accurately represents your brand.

Step 2: Get press releases published on 100+ news sites

The second step is for Brander to publish the press release on their extensive network of over 100 news sites. These news sites have millions of visitors and are carefully selected to ensure that they are reputable and trustworthy. By publishing your press release on these sites, your brand gains exposure to a larger audience and establishes credibility and authority within your industry.

Step 3: Add “Featured on NBC, FOX, CBS” to your website

The final step involves adding the “Featured on NBC, FOX, CBS” logos to your website. These logos are provided to you by Brander and can be easily added to your website using the HTML code they provide. This adds an extra layer of legitimacy to your business and shows potential customers that your brand has been recognized by reputable news outlets.

The process of using Brander is simple yet effective. By utilizing their platform, businesses can gain recognition, establish credibility, and increase their brand awareness on a larger scale.

Brander: Pricing Details

Brander offers three pricing plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Money Back Guarantee!

Brander also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee across all three pricing ranges. Guaranteed distribution to high-authority news sites in the company’s network, including those affiliated with major news networks including NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. At the moment of publication, Brander gives you a comprehensive PDF report that includes all of the Links to your article. Having your company’s name included on their respected network will get you seen by the millions of people that visit the site every month. Your SEO efforts will be bolstered by the hundreds of news affiliate sites that link back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to publish a press release?

A: It takes 5-10 days to write and publish the article.

Q: Which topics/businesses are restricted?

A: Restricted topics/businesses include advertisements, adult/sexually explicit/sexual enhancement content, link spam, reprints, 3rd party legal releases, restricted/illicit content, and stock recommendations/picks/alerts/newsletters.

Is Brander Worth It: The Final Verdict

The value of Brander’s services ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. If you are looking to increase your brand’s visibility and credibility by being featured on high-authority news sites, Brander may be a good investment. Their pricing is competitive, and their guarantee of publication on 100+ major news affiliates is a significant benefit. However, it is important to note their restrictions on certain topics and businesses, so it’s important to ensure that your press release meets their guidelines.

If you are looking for a reputable and efficient way to increase your brand’s exposure, Brander could be worth considering.

Get Started with BRANDER Now!

Start making a name for yourself with BRANDER. With its powerful press release submission services, targeted press release capabilities, and “As Seen On” feature, you can quickly and easily get your message to the masses. Start taking advantage of BRANDER’s services today and get the brand recognition you deserve.

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