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Postscript’s Power: Crafting SMS Marketing Excellence

In an age defined by instantaneous communication, SMS marketing has emerged as a critical revenue channel for businesses. Postscript is at the forefront of this mobile-centric landscape, a platform offering a range of features that empower brand-customer interactions and boost revenue. In this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of Postscript, from its intuitive user interface to the art of crafting personalized messages.

We’ll explore its strengths, consider potential limitations, and investigate its transformative potential in making SMS marketing a primary revenue driver in today’s dynamic and connected world.

What is Postscript?

Postscript is a specialized platform created for Shopify businesses, primarily focusing on SMS marketing and sales. This software equips brands with the means to expand their list of subscribers, interact with customers personally through customized text messages, encourage repeat purchases, foster customer loyalty, and ultimately enhance their revenue.

The platform offers a range of essential features, including tools for increasing your subscriber base, crafting and overseeing marketing campaigns, ensuring compliance with regulations, optimizing message delivery, and profoundly integrating with Shopify. Postscript’s marketing software overarching goal is to elevate SMS as the primary revenue channel for generating revenue in e-commerce. It achieves this by providing a comprehensive set of conversational commerce solutions that cater to each phase of the customer’s journey.

Important Features’ Set

Postscript, a powerhouse of tools and capabilities designed to elevate your marketing endeavors, offers an extensive array of product features that cater to various aspects of your SMS marketing strategy. Let’s delve into the intricacies of each part, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how Postscript can empower your business:

SMS Marketing:

At the core of Postscript lies its SMS marketing prowess. This feature allows you to reach your audience through text messaging. Whether it’s promotional offers, updates, or engaging content, SMS marketing is a direct and efficient way to communicate with your customers, nurturing brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Short Codes:

Shortcodes are succinct numerical or alphanumeric codes used to send and receive SMS messages. Postscript leverages shortcodes to simplify the process of SMS marketing, making it easier for customers to engage with your brand. These short, memorable codes enhance the accessibility of your marketing campaigns.

Contact Management:

Managing your contacts is pivotal to effective SMS marketing. Postscript offers a comprehensive contact management system, enabling you to organize subscriber lists, segment your audience, and maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service):

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words. With MMS, Postscript SMS marketing software allows you to send multimedia messages that include images, videos, and audio alongside text. This feature provides an immersive and engaging way to convey your message, making your marketing campaigns even more compelling.


Postscript’s Text-to-Win feature adds an exciting gamification element to your marketing strategy. It allows you to run contests and giveaways through SMS. Customers can participate by texting a keyword or shortcode, creating a fun and interactive experience that boosts engagement.

Polls / Voting:

Understanding your customers’ preferences is invaluable. Postscript facilitates polls and voting via SMS, enabling you to gather feedback and opinions. It’s a two-way communication tool that fosters engagement and helps tailor your offerings to meet customer desires.

Mass Texting:

Sometimes, you need to reach a large audience swiftly. Postscript’s mass texting feature makes it possible to send bulk SMS messages to your subscribers, ensuring that your promotions and announcements get your entire customer base in a single stroke.

Message Personalization:

Personalization is the heart of effective marketing. Postscript excels in this aspect, allowing you to personalize your SMS messages with customer names, preferences, and purchase history. Tailored messages resonate more deeply with your audience, strengthening the bond between your brand and customers.


Data is the compass guiding your marketing journey. Postscript equips you with robust reporting and analytics tools to measure the impact of your SMS campaigns. You can track metrics like open, click-through, and conversion rates, gaining insights to refine and optimize your strategies.

Mobile Keywords:

It serve as entry points for customers to engage with your SMS campaigns. Postscript lets you create and use these keywords to initiate interactions with your audience, fostering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Scheduled Messaging:

Timing is everything in marketing. Postscript’s scheduled messaging feature allows you to plan and automate the delivery of your SMS messages. Whether you want to send promotions at a specific time or set up reminders, scheduling ensures that your messages reach customers when they are most receptive.

Mobile Coupons:

Coupons are a powerful incentive. Postscript sms marketing software integrates mobile coupons into your SMS marketing strategy, enabling you to send exclusive discount codes and offers directly to customers’ mobile devices. This feature drives sales, promotes loyalty, and helps track the effectiveness of your promotions.

2-Way Messaging:

Effective communication is a two-way street, and Postscript recognizes this importance. The platform supports 2-way messaging, allowing customers to reply to your SMS messages. This interaction enables customer inquiries, feedback, and engagement, making your brand more approachable and responsive.

Artificial Intelligence:

The future of marketing is intertwined with artificial intelligence (AI). Postscript integrates AI to enhance customer interactions. It can automate responses, recommend products, and analyze customer behavior to provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

Postscript Tools for Business: Unlocking SMS Marketing Potential

Postscript offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of SMS marketing. Packed with a wealth of built-in tools and features, this platform catalyzes your business’s growth and success. Let’s explore some vital business-oriented facets of the Postscript platform:

Seamless Integrations:

Postscript shines in its seamless integration with a variety of platforms and software. While Shopify is a frontrunner, Postscript extends its compatibility to over 20 widely used e-commerce applications, including OptiMonk, Yotpo,, and Malomo. These integrations facilitate a holistic approach to your marketing strategies, enabling you to leverage multiple tools cohesively.

Analytical Insights:

In the ever-evolving realm of e-commerce, analytics are the linchpin for informed decision-making. Though not the most exhaustive, postscript still equips you with essential data and reports. This invaluable information empowers you to monitor your sales, track profitability, evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns, and more. With the Postscript revenue channel, you can readily access insights into the revenue generated by your SMS marketing efforts, making informed choices to optimize your strategies.

Regulatory Compliance:

Navigating the complex landscape of SMS marketing requires strict adherence to regulatory standards. Sending unsolicited marketing messages via SMS is a practice fraught with legal pitfalls. Postscript, however, ensures complete compliance with the stringent regulations imposed by central governing bodies, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This means you can confidently engage in SMS marketing campaigns without the specter of regulatory concerns, building trust with your customers while staying on the right side of the law.

Postscript Integrations

Postscript offers an array of integration options; among them, several have gained immense popularity. These integrations cover various categories, each playing a unique role in enhancing the platform’s capabilities. Here, we delve into the realms of Postscript integrations, shedding light on some of the standout choices:

Segmentation & Automations:

Postscript aligns itself with platforms designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of audience segmentation and marketing automation. Among the notable integrations in this category are:

Aftership: Aftership streamlines the post-purchase experience by tracking shipments and ensuring customers stay informed about their orders. Integration with Postscript allows you to harmonize order updates and SMS communication seamlessly.

Zapier: The ultimate bridge between apps, Zapier connects Postscript with many other tools and services, unlocking a universe of automation possibilities. It’s the master key to crafting customized, automated workflows.

Wonderment: This integration amplifies your ability to engage and delight customers by facilitating personalized experiences. It helps you craft unique customer journeys, enhancing the value of your SMS marketing efforts.

Alloy: Alloy brings the power of identity verification and risk management into the equation. Integrating it with Postscript fortifies security and trust in customer interactions, a crucial consideration in e-commerce.

List Building:

Expanding your subscriber base is a cornerstone of successful SMS marketing. Postscript collaborates with list-building tools to bolster your reach and influence. Key integrations include:

Klaviyo: Klaviyo is a powerhouse for email marketing, and its partnership with Postscript broadens your arsenal for attracting and retaining customers through targeted messaging.

Wheelio: It is a gamified approach to list-building. Integrating it with Postscript introduces an element of fun and interactivity into your marketing, enticing visitors to subscribe with interactive incentives.

Privy is a robust tool for creating pop-ups and email sign-up forms. When combined with Postscript, it transforms your website into a lead-generation machine.

OptiMonk: It’s exit-intent pop-ups and advanced targeting sync seamlessly with Postscript, further optimizing your list-building efforts.


Customer support is paramount in any business, and Postscript facilitates a harmonious connection with support-focused integrations, such as:

Zendesk: Its customer support software aligns with Postscript, enabling you to provide top-notch customer service via SMS, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Gorgias: With Gorgias, you can streamline your support operations by integrating it with Postscript, creating a unified and efficient customer support ecosystem.

Postscript’s integrations are a versatile toolkit that empowers businesses to personalize customer experiences, automate marketing processes, and fortify customer support operations. These integrations add layers of sophistication to your SMS marketing software, helping you navigate the dynamic landscape of e-commerce with finesse.

Postscript Pros and Cons:


Customer Service: The high praise for Postscript’s customer service is a testament to the platform’s dedication to helping its users. It indicates that users have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with their support and assistance. This likely includes responsive customer support, helpful resources, and timely problem resolution.

User-Friendly (5): The ease of use and user-friendly interface of Postscript is a significant advantage. Many users find the platform intuitive and accessible, crucial for businesses seeking efficiency in their SMS marketing campaigns.

Pricing: A favorable pricing structure is always appreciated. It indicates that some users perceive Postscript to offer competitive pricing, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking cost-effective SMS marketing software.

User Interface: A well-designed user interface is critical to a seamless user experience. Postscript’s user interface is well-received, contributing to the platform’s user-friendliness.

Automation: Automation capabilities are highly valued in SMS marketing. A score of 1 suggests that Postscript’s automation features are robust and beneficial for streamlining marketing tasks and improving efficiency.


Integration Issues: Integration issues can hinder the seamless operation of a platform. A rating of 3 indicates that some users have encountered challenges when integrating Postscript with other tools or systems.

Not User-Friendly: While the user-friendliness of Postscript is lauded as a pro, a rating of 3 in the “Not User-Friendly” category suggests that there are users who have found certain aspects of the platform less intuitive or challenging to navigate.

Design Feedback: Design feedback indicates that some users have specific suggestions or concerns about the platform’s design and layout. A rating of 2 suggests that while the procedure is generally favorable, there is room for improvement, according to some users.

Expensive: The perception of Postscript as a costly solution is reflected in the rating of 2. This means that some users may find the cost of using Postscript relatively high compared to alternative SMS marketing options.

Limited: The “Limited” category does not have a specific rating, but it likely represents feedback indicating that certain features or functionalities within Postscript may be limited in scope, which could be a drawback for some users.


Postscript‘s pricing structure caters to businesses at different stages of their SMS marketing journey:


  • Ideal for companies starting their SMS marketing.
  • It has no monthly fee, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • SMS pricing is $0.015 and $0.045 per MMS, plus carrier fees.
  • Offers essential features such as campaigns, automation, and unlimited segments.


  • It is priced at $100 per month and is designed for expanding businesses.
  • SMS pricing is $0.01 and $0.03 per MMS, plus carrier fees.
  • Includes all Starter features and adds unlimited opt-in keywords.

Professional (Most Popular):

  • It is Priced at $500 per month, favored by established brands scaling SMS as a primary revenue channel.
  • Its SMS pricing is cost-effective at $0.007 and $0.024 per MMS, plus carrier fees.
  • This also incorporates all Growth features and provides additional advantages such as an Onboarding Launch Specialist and Tier 1 engineering support.


  • Its Custom pricing is available upon contacting sales.
  • It offers a comprehensive package with personalized support, making it suitable for businesses aiming to make SMS their top revenue channel.
  • Postscript’s pricing flexibility ensures that businesses can select the plan that best aligns with their specific needs and growth aspirations.


In conclusion, Postscript stands as a dynamic force and a revenue channel in SMS marketing. Its features and capabilities provide businesses with the tools needed to engage customers effectively, enhance brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth. Embracing Postscript can indeed revolutionize SMS marketing for sustained success.

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